Shikhar Dhawan: A brief details of his special records

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the best-considered batsmen in Indian cricket. He is considered to be one of the most attacking batsmen also in Indian cricket; however, with the passage of time and experience, he has started batting even better than earlier. Due to his marvelous performances, he has made many records on his own in the cricket world as a batsman. In the list of all his records, there are some odd records also. In the list of those odd records, there is one very special record which no other batsman of India has made so far.

According to one report, Shikhar Dhawan is the only player who has been out by the bowler when he was playing after scoring 90 runs at the board. Now, you must be thinking, what so special is there in this. There are many batsmen who lost their wickets when they have just crossed the score of 90. Many players also have done this, more than one time.

Shikhar Dhawan: records

Shikhar Dhawan

So the special thing about this record is that he did so, not just in any special format of cricket but in all three major formats of it. Yes, he has lost his wicket after scoring 90 runs in all three major formats of cricket, namely one-day international or fifty-fifty or ODI, twenty-twenty cricket, and Test cricket.

In one day international, he has lost his wicket after 90, four times, in test cricket, two times and in twenty-twenty also two times. Thus he has lost his wicket after 90, a total 8 number of times in all three formats.

If we talk about his contribution to cricket, he has played a total of 34 test matches so far, 130 ODI, and 61 t twenty matches. The highest batting average he has achieved in ODI is about 45.20. His batting average in the cricket matches is 40.61, while in 20-20, it is just 28.35. Not many people know that he has joined cricket as a wicketkeeper, but due to his better performance in batting, he got fame as the batman soon after his debut. The runs scored by him in the ODI are 5650; in test cricket, it is 2315, and in 20-20, it is 1588.

With the above data, it’s very clear how experienced cricketer he has become now just in 10 years in all three formats of cricket.

If we talk about his centuries and fifties, he has scored seven centuries and five fifties in Test cricket, 17 centuries, and 29 half-centuries in the One Day International and 10 fifties in 20-20. These data show how consistent batsman he has been since he started his cricket career in 2010.

Final words

If he could convert all nervous nineties into centuries, he could have eight more centuries in his list of centuries. But no need to worry about this; he still has a long time to play in all these formats. With his great performance, he can make even more records soon in the coming future.

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