Badminton news: One More Tournament Canceled Due to COVID-19

Since the beginning of the spread of COVID 19, a lot many changes have been seen. No part of the society or businesses is there, which are unaffected by it. If we talk about games, especially badminton, many of them either have been postponed, or they have been canceled totally. Among all such tournaments, one more name has been listed recently, and that is the Hyderabad Open badminton tournament.

What our sources are saying

According to sources, the tournament was to be played from August 11. However, due to the spread of COVID 19 and the uncertainty about its proper cure or vaccine, the board has decided to postpone the commencement of the tournament up to the new announcement from it. According to the BWF, the tournament was to be held for six days, from August 11 to August 16; however, there is no such possibility here to let this tournament proceed, and that is the reason, the BWF has canceled it after having a talk with Badminton association.

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This cancellation of the Hyderabad Open is like a big shock to everyone, including the players and the fans. It was like the second inning of the players after the Coronavirus spread; however, it will not be possible now as we told you already.

Many of us know that this tournament was part of the new updated and improved calendar, which was issued after the spread of the pandemic. Both the BWF and the Indian badminton association have approved this decision. The actual month of the tournament was March 2020 this year; however, due to the further complexity of the pandemic, all came to one decision to reschedule the tournament in August. Now even, there is no tournament in August also, which is really heartbreaking for all of us. Though it’s heartbreaking, it is the need of time, and we all know that only the fit players could play well, and if they are into any trouble due the COVID 19, this will be worse than the canceling of the tournament.

The BWF general secretary further said that there are many counties and places, where the condition is going to be better day by day these days. If it remains the same for some more days like this, they can think about the commence of the tournament once again very soon.

Just like this, all the badminton tournaments which were about to be played after March, have been either canceled or postponed. So far, there are more than seven tournaments that have been affected since March. Some of them are Orliyans  Masters, which was to be played in March, Badminton Asia Championship, Singapore open, US open, Canada open, Russian Open, Vietnam open, and many other famous tournaments all over the world.

Final words

We all hope that soon and soon, the present situation of the COVID 19 will stop, and all of us can enjoy these tournaments once again. Let’s pray to God to bless us with the earlier, COVID free life once again.

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