The legal status of betting in India: A brief note

What is betting?

Betting is a deal in which two parties make certain predictions. And whoseever prediction turns out to be truth wins the bet. The winning team is always rewarded by money as a prize by the losing team. Betting can be placed on many things.

Is Betting Legal In India?

Betting in India has some historical significance as we’ve already mentioned that betting in an agreement. And the nature of this deal is not everyone can be rewarded. Some clan or party has to lose. This activity is prohibited in most parts of India. There is no such legislation in favor of betting. To be precise, betting is clearly prohibited in India, as mentioned in the constitution. There are strict laws against betting illegally in India.

betting in india legal


Betting was the source of entertainment for Indians for many years. But there were many repercussions that came along with it. Various crimes were committed by people. This led to the prohibition of betting in India.

Indian constitution restricts betting. And if you break this law, it can take a heavy toll on you. Indian laws are against betting activities. If you are accused of betting, you will have to pay 200 rupees along with two months of imprisonment. These laws and penalties straight away prohibit betting in India.

Betting on sports

Betting on sports has been in trend for many years. Sports hold a lot of importance in India. It is cherished and enjoyed by almost everyone. In fact, to this date, sports betting is a huge thing. It is mainly done where there are some sports matches are happening. Especially fans who are really fond of sports wait for such matches to happen. Sports lovers get the opportunity to bet in favor of their favorite team. And if the favored team wins the match, the winning party of the bet is rewarded as per the agreement. Betting is largely done on sports like cricket, basketball, hockey, horse raising, etc. Usually, the loser party has pay money to the winning party.

You can now bet online

There are certain platforms that give the opportunity to the sports lovers to bet online. Online betting platforms are really in trend and sought. There are several sites that offer adequate online opportunities to bet safely with different people. Betting online is not illegal according to the law as there are no such penalties for it. Indian laws do not claim online betting illegal. There are many famous sites that guarantee interesting and fascinating offers for consumers. 

Wrapping up

Mainly people enjoy placing the bet on sports like kabaddi, cricket, horse, racing, and hockey. There are offers related to the bet where first you have to pay the money before placing the bet, while some give you the opportunity to play for free. The winner is usually rewarded with money, laptops, computers, cars, bikes, etc. These exciting offers make these sites trendy. However, this is the only legal way to bet in India.

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