What is the best real money Esports betting app?

Betting on Esports is like the new trend that is going on in the market. This is because the Esports market is growing, and people interested in making money do this. Usually, this kind of betting is suitable for those people who know Esports and different teams.

It is because this kind of knowledge will help them to understand better. By using this, they can see the information and bet on the team which they will win. This will depend on the facts and also the figures which you have got from the website.

You can either collect information from the betting app or the internet. The first-ever betting began on the gambling game, also called casino games, back in the 80s. In the earlier days, gambling was used to do in the cart and wagon style.

What is the best smartphone app for Esports betting?

There are a different kind of sites and also an app on the internet which accepts Esports betting. It means that they accept all the kinds of bets that are made on the games played in Esports matches. Here are some of the best smartphone app for Esports betting –


The app has a massive database of games, events, players, and matches stored and work on Android as well as IOS. This app is funded by the BITKRAFT Esports venture and is a central hub for all Esports fans across the world. The users can select the favourite game, team, and player and get a notification when it’s their match and bet.


The is an app where you will find all the data related to stats and also information about Esports here. This is known to be the Wikipedia of Esports and has live matches, results overviews, and also player profiles. Liquipedia is one of the biggest apps in the market and has different kinds of betting variations available.

What is the critical characteristic of Esports betting app?

Here is the list of critical characteristics that you have to check in an Esports betting app.

  • Safety and security

It is one of the top priorities that anyone should look for in a website. They have access to bank and personal info, but they keep it safe in a hidden and protected server.

  • Number of Esports

You will also have to check on the app which kind of Esports game do they have available. Usually, an Esports betting app has a large variety of Esports games inside them from which you can bet on.

  • Ease of use

A good betting app on the internet will be easy to use and navigate around. It means it has all the
functions on the main screen where you can access it directly.

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