From where you can get fresh news of cricket

People these days are very much attached to cricket, earlier it was just their passion to play and watch, but nowadays, huge money earned through this game is also a reason to know all about this game. In this article, we will get to know some of the sources where we can get any fresh news of cricket easily.


Cricket is a game which is liked by lots of people in the world. These days most of the people are searching the ways through which they can get all the latest info about cricket. Mobiles apps are one of the most efficient ways to stay updated with all the info related to it. Therefrom people can know not just the matches ongoing, but also the info about matches played in the past.

People can also know about the performance of the players in the last couple of matches or series. They can also compare the teams on the basis of various aspects. Along with these, they may also get alerts about the topics for which they set the alerts. Thus a mobile app can be very effective if you want to stay updated with any news of cricket.

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Newspapers are one of the very easily available materials which can reach every person from every community. With the help of this, people can get all the required news of cricket very easily. The main news it covers is the upcoming tournament, views, and suggestions of some former players for the new players and for the whole team for some specific upcoming or ongoing tournaments.

It also keeps updating, which team won the match on the last day or which players hit the century, who took the most wickets, who has been declared the man of the match or man of the series etc. Along with so many benefits of newspapers, there are also some drawbacks of it, like unavailability of current updates on the same day, no ball per ball updates, just the fixed amount of info per day, etc.


Television is also used as one of the best sources of any fresh news of cricket by many people. Many people want not just the written news to read but also to see someone talking about the news and some other info of cricket. For such people, news channels are a very good means of providing all such materials. Here they can also see their favorite stars performing live in the live matches or in any live interview. Tv is also available in most of the houses, and you will not have to set up any special arrangement for it.


Just like television, radio also provides all such content but without any pictures in it. Many people like to hear the news only without watching it. For such people, this is the best option.  Radio also comes on mobile, so they need not arrange any other arrangement, especially to hear news only.

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