Types of Cricket Bet 101

If you are a cricket enthusiast like me, then you would probably have a knack for cricket betting. I am not saying that all cricket enthusiasts bet, but some of them have the time, talent, and the interest to make some real money online. If you are a newbie thinking of trying your luck at cricket betting, then you are in the right place. And if you haven’t made up your mind about where to bet your money, or which bookmaker to choose, then it is simple. Go for Bet365 cricket. It is by far the best cricket betting platform internationally. 

Common Cricket Bets

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Match Betting

This is a pretty common type of cricket bet. On Bet365 cricket, you will just have to predict the winner of the game. If you can do that correctly, then you win money. Of course, if you predict that an underdog will win and that happens, then you have a chance to win more money. However, if the result of the match is a tie, then you don’t win any money. Also, if the match gets cancelled because of weather conditions before its completion, then you won’t win any money either. 

Tied Match

In this kind of bet, you will have the chance to win even if the match remains incomplete and declared a draw. Many bookmakers allow bets that might result in a tie. This is also called ” draw no bet”. 

Series Match

 If you place this type of bet on Bet365 cricket, then you will be betting on the winner of the series. Well, simplistically, many matches are not completed in a single day but are played in series. You will have to predict the winner of the series. This means you will have to bet on the team who will win the most matches in that given series. 

Outright Winner

This is a cricket bet on Bet365 cricket that you call upon the winner of a tournament. Here you will have to figure out the odds by keeping your judgment straight and predict who will be the winner of a particular tournament. Examples of cricket tournaments are T20 tournaments, ICC world cup, etc. 

Prop Bets

On Bet 365 Cricket, you can place prop bets as well. This type of bet is generally lower in amount. However, you can place such bets multiple times throughout a match. Prop bets include betting on which match would win the toss, or who will become the man of the match. Prop bets also include the periphery of predicting the top bowler and top batsman. 

We can say the placing a bet, and the chances of winning depend thoroughly on your judgment and the type of bet you are placing. To get the best cricket betting experience, you can log into Bet365. It is an amazing betting platform where you can place bets on cricket. The UI and customer support of this site is above par, which makes it one of the best in its league. 

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