Some explanations of Bet365 cricket odds

The odds of any team in cricket tell what the rate of the betting on that team in cricket is. So it’s very important to know about the odds first if we want to know the betting rate in cricket. Let us know some bet365 rate in the form of learning odds.

American odds

One of the most common odds available on the bet365 is American odds. These odds are preferable in many other countries, also including the US. These odds are written just like any other odds in which odds are displayed just after the countries, team, player, or below them. In this system of odds, the odds are displayed in the form of some positive or negative whole numbers. The odds are written as +200, +100, +300, -120, -230 etc. The reading of odds is easier than others. It can be understood with the following examples.

bet365 cricket odds

Suppose the odds of any team A in American format is written as +200. This indicates that if you want to win Rs 220 in this game, you will have to bet just Rs 200, and if you want to win Rs 2200, you will have to pay Rs 2000 and so on. On losing the team, you will lose your betting money, and on winning, you get the money. On winning, you will get your betting amount back and Rs 220 as winning amount. So you will get a total of Rs 420 while betting with +200.

Now suppose the betting amount of any team is -120. It means if you want to win Rs 100,  you will have to put Rs 120 as a wagering amount, and if you want to win Rs 1000, you will have to bet with Rs 1200 and so on. Winning in this condition on your bet Rs 120, you will get a total Rs 220.

British odds or fractional odds

British odds are expressed in the form of a fraction like 3/5,  5/3, 7/23, 23/7, etc. On the basis of these numbers, the British odds are of two types that are odds in favor and odds-against. 4/7, where the numerator is greater than the denominator, is odds in favor while 7/4 is odds against. In case of odds against the numerator tells the number of chances in which you can lose while the denominator tells the numbers in which you can win. The sum of both numbers tells the total number of outcomes. In case of odds in favor, the numerator shows a number of cases in which you can win, and the denominator shows the numbers of cases in which you can lose.

Decimal or European odds

These are said to be the easiest type of odds one can read easily without doing the tough calculation. That is the reason it is used in most of the countries. It can be written just in form 1.25, 2.0, 1.35, etc. Just you will have to multiply the number with 100%, and everything will be clear to you, and you will know how easy it is to multiply a number with 100.

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